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Rav Goldvicht's Shiur Tapes

We are glad to announce that tapes of Rav Goldvicht's Shiurim are now available. The Torah Learning Institute is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to "Hafatzas Torah" - making the words of Torah available to as many of us as possible. We have therefore priced the subscriptions and tapes to cover only the costs of production, packaging, mailing, and upkeep of on-going operations.

We hope that you will find Rav Goldvicht and his teachings as inspiring, intellectually forceful, and emotionally sustaining as we do, and that the depth and honesty of Torah, as taught by Rav Goldvicht, will find a regular place in your home and heart.

To that end, we offer Rav Goldvicht's Shiurim in three packages. You may subscribe to Rav Goldvicht's Shiurim on an annual, quarterly, or monthly basis. Or, if you prefer, Shiurim on related topics are available as box sets. Finally, you can order any Shiur on an individual tape.

To browse the available Shiurim, please use the links on the left. Please note that annual subscriptions include all Shiurim since Sefer Bereishit, and that new shiurim will be mailed to you weekly. Quarterly and monthly subscriptions do not include any past Shiurim. All subscription costs include shipping.

You may use the on-line shopping cart to order by credit card using our secure server. If you prefer, you may download and print our order form by clicking here.