The Best Grocery Items from Aldi

 April 17, 2014

Jason and I have become regular shoppers of Aldi over the past few months. At first I was hesitant, but after trying their products we realized this isn't just another save money for cheap junk store like Save-A-Lot often is, but it really is a good quality store with great products. Here I am going to list the best grocery items from Aldi. These items taste better than I thought they would and are often on our weekly grocery list. If you are going to give Aldi a try, I recommend trying these best grocery items from Aldi.

1. Aldi Fit Active Ice Cream: Chocolate Bars, Wildberry, and Orange as well as the ice cream cookies.
All of these ice cream bars taste amazing and even better than leading diet ice creams and have low calories!! 100-150 each!

2. Aldi Kirkwood Chicken Items: Any of the Kirkwood chicken items, especially the chicken breasts and tenderloins!! Healthy and cheap and high quality. My daughter loves the Chicken Rings and two bags last her all month when having them for lunch a 2-3 times a week. There are more than you realize in one bag!

3. Aldi Goat Cheese: This was an amazing find! It looked good and I wanted to try something new. It is now one of my favorite foods! Smear it on a wheat cracker and it tastes amazing!! I have only tried the plain and the blueberry.

4. Aldi Produce: Amazing deals!!! And the produce is always good quality. I often purchase the fresh broccoli, romaine lettuce, asparagus, bananas, strawberries, grapes, pineapple, and cantaloupe. I have never had a rotten piece of fruit or anything bad tasting. I wasn't impressed with the apples...mine were a little soft the couple times I purchased them but we prefer really hard and crisp apples.

5. Aldi Berryhill PB J: Our favorite is their version of Goober Grape. It's cheap, less than $2. Lasts all month. And is quick to make sandwiches with!! It tastes better than the real stuff. Also, their jelly and pb is around a buck each and tastes just as good as name brand.

6. Aldi Clancy's Pretzels: HANDS DOWN the best pretzels we have ever eaten. Yes, that means better than Snyder's. We LOVE the honey pretzel sticks and always have a stock of them. One tub lasts all month!

7. ALL Aldi's Lunch Buddy Stuff: Fruit snacks, lunchables, applesauces, etc. This is a cheap way to pack the kids lunches all week and the lunchables also contain a drink and they're still only around 1.25!! The fruit snacks come in an organic variety that I buy for Kacie and she loves them.

8. All the Aldi Millville Cereal Bars and Cereals: Haven't found one we don't like yet. The honey nut cheerios tastes different than name brand, but it doesn't taste bad just not what you may be used to. Has a stronger honey flavor, but I love it. We also really love the cinnamon toast crunch. And we always have a stock of the Fiber Bars (Very good deal on price compared to Fiber One) and the cereal bars (compare to Nutrigrain). The bars are just as good in quality as the name brands and suprisingly taste better.

9. Aldi Fit Active Drinks: These are a recently discovered favorite. We love all the flavors: tropical, strawberry, lemonade. They are 0 calories and don't taste like crap!! They're actually amazing. We love the strawberry. We also always have a stock of this brand's crystal light drink mixes. We love the Grape and Fruit Punch. Haven't tried the peach tea.

10. Aldi Ground Beef: Same quality as other stores. Nothing bad here at all. I buy a large pack and separate it into one pound each. I wrap each pound in parchment paper and put 3 pounds in each freezer bag.

Feel free to comment on your favorite Aldi grocery items!! (You don't have to sign in or sign up to comment on my blog!)


Free Stuff From Walgreens

 March 19, 2014

Get free stuff from Walgreens every week by following the Walgreens Register Rewards opportunities. Each week you can visit Walgreens and get your 100% free stuff. Every week the stuff is different. Here is a detailed explanation of how you can start cashing in on weekly free stuff from walgreens.

What are Walgreens Register Rewards?
A Register Reward is a manufacturer-issued coupon that is good for a specific dollar amount off your next purchase. It will print at the end of your transaction and the clerk will hand it to you with your receipt. You get a Register Reward when you buy specified products or combinations of products; the specified combinations of products are usually advertised in their weekly sales flyer.

To begin, have at least $10 and look through this week's Walgreen's ad. Which is available HERE on their website, or in your weekly paper.

Look for items that give you register rewards. Many of the biggest cash in items are listed on the front and back pages of the flyer. Don't confuse the "in store coupon, sunday paper coupon, or mail in rebate" offers with the register reward offers. It will say REGISTER REWARDS.

EXAMPLE: Toothpaste is often on sale for 2.99 and gives back 2.99 in RRs, and often items body wash is in the 3.99 with 3.99 in RRs. So, if you purchase the two items for $6.98 you will receive 6.98 in RRs with your receipt. SAVE THE RRs. Return the next week and purchase items that give you RRs with your RRs.

Some people visit multiple Walgreens every week to obtain stock piles of items.
This is how you can get free stuff from Walgreens every week. Feel free to ask me any questions. :)

TIP: Often times items that offer RRs, but cost more...such as something is 4.99 and produces $2 in RRs can be cashed in on freely if you have a coupon for that item. So if you have a 2.00 off coupon and it gives you 2.00 in RRs, you only pay 99 cents and you gain $2 to use next week...or to use down the street at the next Walgreens! Get it?


Cinnamon Fruit Bread

 March 17, 2014

I got a little creative in the kitchen today for lunch. What started out as me just baking some pears and apples we had sitting around, turned into an amazingly YUMMY homecooked style cobblerish bread dish! We loved it and it is now in my permanent recipe book of creations. Enjoy!

Cinnamon Fruit Bread


1 package cinnamon muffin mix (just add milk)
1/2 cup milk
3 pears
3 apples (red, fugi, etc.)
2 tsp. cinnamon
3 tbs. corn syrup
2 tbs. brown sugar
2 tbs. butter

Prepare the muffin mix in a bowl with the milk. Set aside. Peel the fruit and dice into pieces. Combine the fruit, cinnamon, corn syrup, brown sugar, and butter in a saucepan on high heat, stir occasionally until boiling begins. Allow fruit to boil in the mixture until just done. In a small, square, casserole dish spray with nonstick spray. Spread half the muffin mix across the bottom. (It will not cover completely, thats OK.) Spoon the fruit, allowing the syrup to drain out and only put in the fruit without the syrup. It is OK if some syrup gets in the dish. With the remaining batter drop clumps here and there across the top. Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes at 450 degrees. Remove from oven and drizzle the remaining syrup over the top to soften the muffin. Allow to cool 15 minutes and serve. Whip cream or vanilla ice cream may be added as a garnish.

You can replace the muffin mix and fruit with any types of fruits and muffin mixes you desire for your own personal tastes. I know there is peach muffin mix out that would be great with peaches, and the same with blueberry. You might also try chocolate muffin mix with strawberries and drizzle chocolate syrup on the top as a garnish.