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Listen to the Lectures of Rav Meir Goldvicht in the car and at home

We are glad to announce that tapes of Rav Goldvicht's Shiurim are now available. The Torah Learning Institute is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to "Hafatzas Torah" - assisting Rav Goldvicht in his tireless efforts to make the words of Torah available to as many of us as possible.

Rav Goldvicht has spent years teaching people and congregations throughout the Tri-State and Israel. Now his insights and thoughts are available to you in your home. Everyone can easily follow the teachings of Rabbi Goldvicht.

This was good to come across with you previous day when I called on your facility and I appreciate your affability a lot. I returned to now, prior I wanted to catch the minute to express gratitude very much for doing my family's visit to Washington, D.C. extremely, extraordinary special.

Rav Goldvicht's insights into Torah are both intellectually rigorous and emotionally compelling. After being uplifted, educated and inspired by Rav Goldvicht, you will want to make his Shiurim a regular part of your life and learning. Thanks to his clear, articulate style, and the orderly format of his Shiurim, Rav Goldvicht is accessible to both the beginner and the seasoned student. For those of you who have not heard his Shiurim, you are in for a unique experience. For those of us who are regulars, don't miss a Shiur ever again!

Rav Goldvicht's Shiurim are in easy-to-follow Hebrew and are accompanied by handouts. Try a few Shiurim by listening online or downloading the MP3 files.

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